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nBjerre's WWW-projects

Personal projects Work projects
SWB OnLine - a danish Ezine about shareware
Dansk Ezine om frie programmer og internet
2002-03 not updated due to my present exams
Gedser.Net  for the local towncouncil
Tresproget netværk for Hjemmestyret i Gedser
Dansk/Danish - Tysk/German - Engelsk/English
My family website in Danish and English
Sydfalster Kommune
(finished) for local county
New webmaster since 1999
NBCW2 - 'clean' CV2 on Tripod
CV streamlined
UKUG (stopped online 2002)
A Society for working across borders
NBCW1 Personal - this website (dansk + english)
Personal homepage with CW
Baltic Sea - english - UNESCO schoolproject
Webmaster 1998-2001
New webmaster since 2001
I AM NOT responsible for the present design!
nBjerre - old experiment on GeoCity
Baltic Sea DK - the danish Baltic Sea site
Baltic Sea Projekt DK (skolesamarbejde)
Sydfalster IF
My local sportsclub Sydfalster Idræts Forening
Sydfalster Ecomuseum
Sydfalster Eco Museum
New webmaster since 2001
  Activity Calendar (stopped online 2002)
The Eco Museum activity calendar in Danish, German and English.
  ETNAK - for a local tourist organisation in Nørre Alslev Kommune (northeast of Falster)
  G.T. Rejser 
A local commercial site - travel agency
  Gedser Turistfart
A local bus company
  Gedser Nature School
Aa local nature school
New webmaster since 2001
A danish society for voluntary work
New webmaster since 2000
The Squid
A local center for voluntary work
  Bella Vista (stopped online 2001)
A local restaurant
  • worked with HTML for about 7 years
  • translated Barta's HTML courses
  • FP98 and Photoshop - 6 years
  • Dreamweaver and Flash - 3 years
  • Director - 2 years
... the day you consider a site to be finished, it MUST be removed from the internet ...

Copyright Niels Bjerre